Midwest Epoxy Flooring Color Charts & Specifications

Perfect CC Midwest provides custom and manufacture specific epoxy floor coating systems, professionally designed based on your industrial flooring needs.  Our epoxy floor coating installations are based on industrial budget and the actual buildings’ floor use-  Longevity and installation costs are key in making decisions regarding long term epoxy flooring installations.  Browse through the color charts and specifications below offered by Perfect CC Midwest Epoxy Flooring Contractors.

Colored Epoxy Floor Coating Options

Epoxy Flake Color Chart
Colored Flake Epoxy Flooring Options
Quartz Epoxy Flooring Colors
Colored Quartz Epoxy Flooring Options
Epoxy Flooring Color Options
Solid Color Epoxy Flooring Options

Epoxy Flooring Specifications

While the overall visual aesthetic of your commercial epoxy flooring is a big factor in selecting their epoxy floor options; it should not affect the final longevity or operational use of the epoxy floor coating.  Add on items such as an initial Moisture Block/Vapor Mitigation coating or a Urethane Chemical Resistant topcoat are add-on’s to the epoxy flooring system.  These very important features to a professionally installed epoxy floor system have no changes in the decorative nature or visual that was prior chosen.

An aesthetic that will greatly affect the final performance of a professionally installed epoxy floor system is final epoxy surface finish type.  Smooth, slightly textured or heavily textured all have their most beneficial environments.  Choosing the incorrect environment or workload for the epoxy floor can quickly wear down an incorrectly chosen epoxy flooring finish type.  The below epoxy flooring systems are merely preassembled epoxy floor coating options; the final epoxy floor chosen for your commercial or industrial facility should be based on final floor use such as traffic type, climate and moisture/liquid immersion.

Epoxy Flake Flooring System
Epoxy Flake Flooring Application Steps
Epoxy Quartz Flooring System
Epoxy Quartz Flooring Application Steps
Clear epoxy floor sealing
Epoxy Sealed Flooring Application Steps
Smooth Solid Color Epoxy Flooring
Smooth Solid Color Epoxy Flooring Application Steps
Broadcast Shop Epoxy Flooring
Single Sand Broadcast Epoxy Flooring Application Steps
Epoxy Self Leveling System
Self Leveling Epoxy Flooring Application Steps