Midwest Commercial Flooring Removal & Concrete Surface Grinding

Perfect CC Midwest, Inc provides heavy flooring removal, dust free. All equipment has been custom fitted to 480v vacuum extractors to keep clean work of what is extraordinarily dirty. Not only are our crews equipped with the most advanced, largest flooring removal equipment available- they are also concrete polishing and prep contractors- thus taking care to not overly damage the substrate in the removal process. We remove all types of flooring: Carpet, Ceramic, Porcelain, Wood, Ceramic, Epoxy Coatings, VCT.

Optionally, post flooring removal we provide heavy concrete grinding to remove floor mortars and mastics that remain adhered to the concrete slab after the initial flooring removal.  The end result is a finely ground, porous concrete floor with reduced lippage on joints and wherever cracks may have caused a ‘lift’ in the concrete substrate.  This perfect new substrate is ready for new flooring to be laid.

We perform flooring removal and concrete floor grinding in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin & Iowa.  Due to our large equipment and experienced crews- our surface preparation services are very competitive with that of the local market.

Clients Needing Flooring Removal

Most beneficial to our clients needing flooring removal, we carry a large array of concrete grinding equipment- allowing us to grind off mastics, mortars and thinsets that lie below the flooring. When requested, Perfect CC Midwest can leave a newly vacuumed concrete substrate ready for topical flooring by others- or Polished Concrete, Epoxy Installed by Perfect CC Midwest, inc.