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Perfect CC Midwest offers Epoxy & Urethane Mortar flooring installation to protect floors against stains, damage, oil chemicals, and wear-and-tear. These durable, high-performance coatings are a long-lasting choice for commercial & industrial facility flooring.

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Epoxy Floor Coatings & Urethane Mortars are ideal for the food and beverage industry because it allows for a seamless and smooth floor coating that is easy to clean and disinfect. 

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Quality Epoxy Floor Coating Systems drastically change depending on the requirement of the building traffic and the current flooring conditions.  While a simple two coat smooth epoxy floor finish is the long lasting epoxy flooring solution for foot traffic in a dental office- a sand broadcast epoxy flooring system will be needed when heavier floor abuse takes place such as pallet jacks and forklift traffic.  The same sand broadcasted epoxy flooring system will not withstand the thermal shock of commercial coolers that need slip resistant, seamless clean flooring.  Commercial coolers with routine chilled temperatures & the need for hot water wash downs must have Urethane Mortar Flooring Installed as it is the only floor coating system to withstand the heavy thermal shock from the constant change in temperature. 

The recommendation of the correct industrial epoxy flooring system should be something your industrial flooring contractor provides based on your building traffic type and budget.  Most epoxy flooring failures are due to the incorrect epoxy flooring system for the building requirement unfortunatly based on budget or an epoxy flooring contractors’ inability to best determine the correct epoxy floor coating system for the buildings’ specific traffic.

Concrete Polishing & Industrial Epoxy Flooring installation in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa & Michigan.

Concrete Grinding to Prepare for Epoxy Flooring Installation

Correct diamond grinding procedures are of equal importance as the quality of the epoxy coating itself.

Simply running any diamond grit or diamond segment hardness across the concrete surface prior to epoxy flooring installation is not sufficient concrete surface prep for the coating adhesion.  The correct diamond bond needs to be determined based on the hardness of the concrete substrate- incorrectly determining the bond hardness will result in merely scratching the substrate surface and even potentially further smoothing and closing the concrete surface porosity.  Post correct diamond concrete grinding, the concrete must be porous with the same feel as a rough sand paper.  This surface profile allows the epoxy to attach itself to the micro peaks and valleys of the substrate and creates a long term bond between the epoxy floor coating and the concrete substrate.



Concrete age, past use & even the state it’s poured in drastically affects its hardness & epoxy compatibility.  Concrete in Illinois may be softer than concrete in Wisconsin or Iowa depending on the aggregates used from the different quarries.  Concrete that has been oil saturated for 40 years may not be the best candidate for an epoxy flooring installation that depends on the epoxy coatings’ ability to attach to the surface.   While new concrete is typically a great palette for epoxy post surface prep grinding, a minimum 28 day cure period is required for standard epoxy floor coating installation due to the vapor release in the slab during the concrete curing process.  Moisture Block coatings are available for quicker application on freshly poured concrete or other concrete substrates that have potential vapor issues.  A quality epoxy flooring installation starts with general concrete moisture testing to assure the correct epoxy flooring system is being installed.