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  •  Average Employee Carries 6 Years With The Perfect CC Family
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Perfect CC Midwest inc is of the highest quality concrete polishing contractors in the Midwest today.  We provide polished concrete flooring, epoxy floor installations and concrete surface repairs in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana & Michigan.  While having a family run environment for staff means higher quality concrete polishing installations due to less turnover- we also have a very strict quality control regimen that has built our clientele & demand to serving the greater Midwest states. We provide our services for general contractors, private building owners & corporations with multiple facilities to service. We offer many price breaks based on pay schedules, quantity of buildings annually, & preparation in advancement of our crews’ arrival.

In terms of our concrete polishing contractors services, we take pride in being at the forefront of industry research, technology & promoting correct long term care. The means & materials Perfect CC Midwest use to perform concrete polishing are scientifically proven, chemically supported & mechanically built to withstand the toughest environments that today’s facilities so rightfully demand. Our onsite staff keep daily logs on the progress of each step, materials required and resulting quality delivered, pass by pass, to the client. Every concrete floor is different, our continual data collection & research keep our mechanical concrete polishing installations at the highest quality results vs. cost possible.

Elk Grove Village, IL Epoxy Flooring by Perfect CC Midwest Industrial Epoxy Services
Epoxy Flooring in a Chemical Spill Area

Providing a polished concrete floor or epoxy flooring installation is actually only part of what we as quality industrial flooring contractors must provide to our clients.  The initial task at hand for Perfect CC Midwest is actually not providing a cost efficient price point for the industrial flooring service- It is finding the correct industrial flooring solution for the warehouse, retail or commercial facility.

The main reason for industrial floor failures is the incorrect environment where they are installed:

  •  Polished Concrete is Breathable and Highly Prone to Chemical Attack, Does Not Belong in Spill Areas
  • Dry Warehouse Environments with Heavy Traffic Benefit Greatly with Polished Concrete Vs. the Potential Epoxy Coating Breakage Over Time
  • Epoxy Coatings are Primarily Most Beneficial in Wet Environments Where Heavy Slip Resistance is Needed, Strict Surface Sanitation Required or Protecting the Concrete From Chemical Attack
  • Polished Concrete Can Provide a Decorative Solution or Industrial Floor in Potential Slab Moisture Areas- Because Polished Concrete Breathes it Will Not Delaminate Vs. Epoxy in Said Areas
Mount Prospect Retail Store High Gloss Polished Concrete Flooring By Perfect CC Midwest Polished Concrete Services
Polished Concrete Flooring Installed in a Dry, Retail Store Environment

Performing Surface

Besides high quality concrete polishing installations, Perfect CC Midwest is a driving force behind correctly performing surface prep grinding. Simply grinding old glues and paints leaves a floor that is highly prone to excessive wear. Extra steps need to be taken to return the concrete to the correct surface refinement while being sure to not incur excessive costs’ to i.e. ‘a landlord simply looking to put a building back to market.’

We also take pride in our epoxy & urethane mortar coatings installations. Working closely with the coatings manufactures, we perform the surface prep grinding to their standards prior to applying any chemical materials/finishes to the concrete surface.

Commercial Concrete Floor Grinding by Perfect CC Midwest Concrete Grinding Company

Surface Prep Grinding

Whether it is Surface Prep Grinding, Concrete Polishing or Industrial Epoxy Coatings needed for your facility, we have a large fleet of ride on & heavy walk behind concrete grinding & polishing equipment. From propane to 480v electric, we have the required machines to get your facilities’ industrial floor to the long term demands you need to do what you do best: business as usual. With Perfect CC Midwest inc. you can concentrate on bringing consumers into your retail centers, keeping your mold & cnc production numbers up, or getting the building back onto the lease market- because in terms of industrial flooring…we have your floor covered. CONTACT US

Aside from polished concrete and epoxy floor installations, Perfect CC Midwest also provides concrete resurfacing repairs such as spalled concrete, broken concrete joints and concrete crack repairing.  Correct procedures are taken to prior prep the repair areas and install the concrete floor repair treatments per the manufacture specifications.

Broken Conc rete Expansion Joint
Broken Concrete Expansion Joint Transistion Needing Concrete Resurfacing Repair