What is the current average price of polished concrete flooring for commercial and industrial buildings?

While many by now know that polished concrete installation will range due to current flooring conditions, building size & polishing finish type; what is the current average price of polished concrete when that phone call to a flooring contract is made for a quick, roundabout number?

We get that phone call five times a week, “Can you please just give me a general idea?  I have 5,000 sf I would like to polish and I want to see if it’s in my budget?”  I have heard many other industrial flooring contractors say this is annoying and they will not give pricing over the phone for concrete resurfacing, site unseen.  Agreed that final costs cannot be derived from a mere phone call.  However, it is fully appreciated on our end when a prospect wants a general concrete polishing cost per square foot over the phone.  Here’s what we gain as a company;

  • General verbal estimates are higher to respectfully prepare for any scenario site unseen.  If building owner approves this estimate in their initial budget, once final visual and flooring contract are made- they may be delighted to actually have a discounted service.
  • In scenario where the verbally estimated concrete grinding & polished flooring are too high for the business, the owner has politely declined to have the commercial flooring contractor come visit for further review.  This has saved us fuel, time & labor in the immediate when our installation cost was too high for that building owner.
  • On same note above, while we have had our concrete polishing or epoxy flooring initially declined for being over facility budget, that client may now have our numbers in-mind the next time they go planning a project.

A main complaint by many commercial industrial concrete flooring contractors regarding pricing over the phone is that the client is typically price shopping and will invite the concrete polisher out that provides the lowest estimate over the phone.  It is understood that sometimes purchasers may generally filter out the higher cost epoxy and polishing installers over the phone but on the flip side; we don’t want to have to drive out to every project that is price shopping- giving a verbal concept of installation grinding, polishing and coating costs’ over the phone keeps these visits to a minimum.  As all professional concrete resurfacing contractors know; our installation prices do not change no matter who we may be pricing against or for- our labor doesn’t change, our materials don’t change let-alone the amount of time to install the industrial floor.

Also, it is not to say building or company owners price shopping is always a negative thing.  Many times, they are merely filtering out the highs and very importantly lows.  The concrete polishing purchaser may also be reading the language of the contractor- how professionally do they know they’re trade?  Are they experts, running a fully insured company with quality equipment and staff?  Or do they merely say ‘it’ll be good you will love it, don’t worry what my process is you will love it when I’m done’

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