Midwest Skid Steer Concrete Grinding & Polishing Services

Constantly adapting to our clients' tight schedules means investing in larger equipment and even fabrication of in-house adaptations to make scale projects move quicker, smoother while increasing quality of product.

Large Concrete Polishing Grinder
Concrete Polishing Skidsteer

While house fabricated powertrowels, setup for concrete polishing, are currently in the spotlight for polished concrete installation productivity, the powertrowels lack the ability to physically grind the concrete slab.  The majority of polished concrete specifications, contractor installations require initial grinding prior to the polishing and honing steps.  Concrete grinding prior to concrete polishing is especially important when there is joint fill and patching to be performed. 

Lombard IL Concrete Grinding and Polished Concrete Skidsteer
Large Grinder Diamond Change

Walk behind concrete grinding equipment typically gets 300-500 square feet concrete grinding production per hour.  This can certainly appear minuscule on large area buildings- obviously four concrete grinding machines can appear effective on 20,000 square feet but functionality and effectiveness become lacking with walk behind units on 50,000 or hundreds of thousands of square feet.

Specializing in large foot print projects, Perfect CC Midwest has invested in three headed concrete grinding and polishing skidsteers.  Each unit is capable of upto 8000 square feet per hour concrete grinding production.

All units have Tier 4 Diesel motors resulting in clean emissions.  In reality, the skidsteer loaders Perfect CC Midwest utilize to grind and polish concrete release less emissions than the actual propane power trowels.  Besides the emissions system efficiencies, Perfect CC Midwest properly vents all facilities receiving concrete grinding and polishing with large industrial fans and all employees onsite wear co2 monitors.  Safety is priority, production is second nature.