Full Aggregate, Ground to Show Stone is the Answer.

Many commercial buildings have concrete cutouts for new plumbing or electrical lines in the concrete substrate.  Whether new or old facilities, design layouts of fixtures demand the concrete be cut for new utilities to be laid.  The repours of cement will always leave a visually aesthetic to the concrete slab once ground and exposed.  When a commercial building owner would like to have a polished concrete floor knowing these concrete trenches exist, there are options that can improve the look of those random cutouts throughout the floor.

Foremost, a tench never looks good when it’s an amateur tradesman blowout.  An amateur blowout is when the electrician or plumber literally busted out the concrete, did their installation and repoured a slop mess of concrete back into the irregular concrete breakout.  It visually has a soupy patch look throughout. The good news: quality concrete grinding and polishing contractors can re-sawcut these blowouts and re-pour in a straight trench line.  Key words being a ‘quality concrete polisher’.  Care must be taken not to over cut depth and risk damaging whatever lines were installed.  More-so, the cutouts do not have to be the full depth of the concrete.  The recuts can be 1/2″ depth and the middle sections ground half inch making room for a 1/2″ fluid hydraulic mortar in-pour such as Rapidset Tru PC.  The difference is, though the trench will still be visual- the cuts are straight and leave a clean cut appearance transitioning into the older concrete slab.

Secondly, stone always appears rapidly when grinding concrete trenches.  This is due to the difference in placement- hand placing & leveling of a skinny trench vs. large rider concrete powertrowel flattening on the entire floor area….The visual difference will be immediate stone in the trench when it is ground flat with the rest of the floor.  Also, 90% of the time, luck would have it that the mortar mix and stone in the trench cement is a completely different color tone than that of the polished concrete flooring throughout.   Again, one was brought in a truck from a plant circa year whatever whatever, the other may have been in a bag on home retailers r’ us for three years after being transported across the concrete from another plant.  Concrete is Portland Cement, Sand & Aggregates.  Those three items are dug from all over the earth…depending where they’re dug, the color they come out.

So, whether they were prior sawcut and placed correctly or your high quality concrete polishing contractor ‘re-straightened’ the trenches; they’re still visible by color & stone…what gives?!  Look at the above pictures; yes they’re visible but they add a character and pristine tone of extra craftmanship to make them look as organized and uniform as possible.  Another final best answer:  Full Aggregate Ground & Polished Concrete Flooring!  By grinding the concrete heavily and showing all the stone throughout the floor- though the trenches have different colors, the heavy stone appearance breaks up the immediate eyesore of the trench!

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