As with any service industry; cleanliness, punctuality and efficiency are key in leaving a long lasting- positive impression on your clientele. Sometimes moreso than the shiny polished concrete floor itself.

15 short years in the industry; many fantastic polished concrete floors installed, many with less than stellar results in all fairness as well.  If a lesson was to be learned in this young time span on such a rapidly growing Polished Concrete industry- our appearance and professionalism while on the customers’ job site is what will always keep our Perfect CC Midwest name remembered for their future industrial flooring needs.  There’s a harsh reality for example, in providing Professional Concrete Polishing Services:  There are many factors out of our control.

Concrete may be too soft to physically polish.  Prior removed flooring leaves apparent tile or line patterns post polishing.  Old trenches, excessive cracks leave a distinct image of dirtiness or a literally broken floor.

No matter how much equipment, skill or expertise in Polished Concrete an installer may have- these issues pose real threats to the final quality of a Polished Concrete Floor.  A polished concrete contractor who doesn’t pre-notify their client of these potential discrepencies when expected may be at somewhat of a fault but in fairness to all quality, client educating polished concrete flooring contractors’-these items and their ability to affect the polished concrete floors’ quality are sometimes simply out of our control.

The conditions of the concrete to be polished may be out of our control as are the results we render...what's not out of our control is the appearance and lasting impression we give our clients.

Bringing uniformed staff to the jobsite, on time.  Using clean, well maintained equipment with vacuums that don’t fill the clients building with dust- let alone visual dust clouds.  Providing plastic on surrounding surfaces such as walls and nearby floors or fixtures- as to avoid slurry or dust stains elsewhere.  Prior choosing exit/entry routes with your staff to keep foot traveled dust prints minimal and even easy to clean on an ‘end of shift’ basis.

Instilling particular importance on these items to crews initially,  actually pays tenfold in the long run…Maintaining a happy clientele gets easier as crew members begin to understand the importance of these items and actually create new means and methods on their own free will.  Vacuuming immediate exits post shift with an old back pack vacuum they remembered to toss in the work truck before mobilizing….laying down temporary floor mats when doing flooring removal in a school- as to not have tiny tile pieces scattered throughout the building by days end.

It has become apparent that every member of a construction crew appreciates recognition for a job well done, it’s when they realize that a dirty operation can quickly tarnish that image- that the stars align.

“Boss, we’re going to use the transfer tank and fill the general contractors’ outdoor lift”.  They’ve been using it all week, it’s low on diesel- they want to fill it in return for the kindness given to them on not having to haul bags of dust out one by one to the dumpster.

Again, Polished Concrete Installations can fall short on expectations due to factors out of a polished concrete installers control.  Pre-educating the client on potential results, giving the option to consider all flooring types prior to proceeding and than- installing a polished concrete floor with utmost respect to clients’ facility and appreciation for the opportunity to work another project- This will always supersede and present an image of success no matter the difficulty in obtaining quality results.

~Steve Perfect, Owner  Perfect CC Midwest, inc