Polished Concrete Dyes

Whether corporate colors or a designer built color scheme, polished concrete can also be dyed to create translucent colors in the polished concrete floors’ surface. Note, polished concrete is a non topical floor finish and to retain the longevity of the polished concrete life- the color dyed application is also a non topical, non film forming dye product. There are benefits and also negatives in adding a dyed floor coloring to your polished concrete floor.¬†

Benefits of Polished Concrete Dyes

  • Create corporate colors in polished concrete floor system.
  • Transform typical gray or tan polished concrete to various color options
  • ¬†Differentiate different sections of polished concrete warehouse or office flooring by distinct color patterns or polished concrete color separations.

Setbacks of Polished Concrete Dyes

  • Will not hide surface descrepencies; i.e. existing stains, discoloration from prior flooring¬† (shadow lines).
  • Will not create ‘even’ color across polished concrete surface; being applied to a porous polished concrete surface the color visually reflects the surface below.
  • Will not hide uneven stone appearance in concrete, polished concrete dyes are translucent.
  • Future spills more likely to create ‘stains’ in polished concrete surface due to causing bleed out of the polished concrete dye.
Polished Concrete Dye Colors
Dyed Polished Concrete color chart.