Concrete Polishing, Flooring Removal & Concrete Grinding in Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa & Indiana

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We are a Family Owned & Operated Concrete Resurfacing Company to handle your:
  • Concrete Grinding when you need flooring glue & thinset removed from concrete to prepare for new flooring installation.
  • Joint Filling for your warehouse floors to correct bumps in forklift traffic
  • Concrete Polishing for long term, high gloss and low maintenance concrete flooring
  • Epoxy Floor Coatings for wet or caustic spill areas as well as commercial kitchens
  • Flooring Removal to prepare for new commercial flooring installation

While we cannot control 100% of the final appearance of your commercial polished concrete floor, you should not see:

~Scratches or gouges in the floor

~Small rings around the edges due to poor handwork, craftmanship

~Lippage, or raised joints

~Sealer applicator marks, puddles of material

~Patches of old glue or paint that weren’t fully removed

    Any of these negative attributes are poor, unprofessional craftsmanship by other subcontractors.  There are many items we as concrete polishers cannot control such as different variations of stone appearance throughout the floor, cracks, discoloration or even penetrated stains.  The list above however is mere laziness & unproffesionalism- none of these items should ever be accepted in the final product of a polished concrete floor.

We travel IL, IA, IN, MI & WI providing small & large scale polished concrete & epoxy flooring installation.  In Perfect CC Midwests’ home state of Illinois, we have zero restrictions on project size or service type.  We offer concrete polishing, flooring removal, concrete grinding and epoxy flooring. 

Sycamore, IL Epoxy Flooring Removal by Perfect CC Midwest Concrete Polishing Service
Sycamore, IL Heavy epoxy flooring removal by Perfect CC Midwest concrete grinding services.
Urethane mortar with sand broadcast.
Kitchen urethane mortar with sand broadcasted for extra abuse and slip resistance.
Joint fill in St. Charles IL prior to concrete Polishing.
Filling of joints with two part flexible polyurea prior to regrinding to create flush, smooth finish in polished concrete floor.
Concrete Grinding to Prepare for Epoxy Flooring Installation
Perfect CC Midwest concrete grinding prior to epoxy flooring application. Correct diamond grinding procedures including choosing the correct diamond tools is a requirement prior to applying an epoxy flooring system.

We Provide Concrete Polishing, Epoxy Flooring, Concrete Grinding & Flooring Removal

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"A quality commercial & industrial flooring contractor first provides research and design based on your buildings' needs and use. In order to invest in the right commercial flooring, it must be a compromise between aesthetic & longevity."