Owners & Facility Managers routinely need flooring changes to adapt to new clients or specifically, remove old client flooring damages prior to new lease, client turnover. Expectations for their concrete resurfacing contractors may be:

  • Speed of Service
      • 100,000 sf facilities need to be turned over in weeks, not months.  Only a handful of quality industrial flooring contractors are capable of doing this while maintaining the quality an investment firm needs to retain.
  • Budget Conscious
    • Many times a new tenant has not yet been secured; an industrial flooring provider needs to collaborate with ownership regarding a finish that can present the facility in a positive manner (to potential tenants) yet be quickly updated depending on the final tenants true ‘wear’ surface needs.
  • Design Intelligence, Longevity & Collaborative Research
    • Too many industrial, commercial concrete grinding & diamond polishing contractors are simply paste & click.  They do not have the education in what means and procedures are truly achieving what goals such as longevity and theoretical wear timelines.

Perfect CC Midwest has spent decades studying and developing better installation techniques and systems for the demands of commercial, industrial retail and warehouse flooring. Facility owners and managment will always need a finish or concrete resurfacing based on budget.  We will work a compromise to build longevity into that budget.  

IA Concrete Patching & Polished Concrete

Did you know!

The initial steps of grinding, patching & regrinding to create flush, smooth repairs in a concrete warehouse or retail floor…  are both part of the epoxy flooring system or polished concrete.  In other words; a facility operator putting their building on the market can have Perfect CC Midwest perform these initial steps and than later once a decision has been made based on client as to polished concrete, sealed concrete or epoxy- merely incur the difference in cost.

Indiana Metal Plant

This facility is currently undergoing a long term, phased flooring renovation.  The facility had 1.5″ of asphalt ontop of the entire warehouse floor from a prior tenant fifty years ago.  Current landlord has Perfect CC Midwest inc removing the asphalt, grinding and polishing the concrete below to it’s original industrial finish. 

Trenches, pour backs, patching will all be visible but the facility management company now has renewed control over the maintenance and longevity of their tenants flooring needs.

Industrial polished concrete flooring
  • Polished concrete offers control of the building wear and traffic patterns
  • No more lippage or bumps for material spills on fork traffic
  • Increased reflectivity gives a higher visual across the plant surface- increasing vehicle and pedestrian traffic safety
  • Ease to Cleanliness and appearance standards
Asphalt removal and concrete polishing below